Welcome to Rip N Lipz Charter Fishing! 

Captain Chris Gupton, owner and operator of Rip N Lipz Charter Fishing, has been fishing Green River Lake State Park, Green River Lake and the surrounding waters for his entire life.  Fishing has been a lifetime passion for Captain Chris and he began fishing as a young child with his father.  Having fished for all species of fish he was an avid bass fisherman until 2003 when he went on a fly-in trip to Canada to walleye fish.  When not busy on Lake Erie guiding for Trophy Walleye, he is in the south taking clients out in the Green River Lake State park fishing for crappie and walleye.


Rip N LIpz Fishing Charters specializes in 1-3 man personalized charters.  Trips usually start at daylight and go for 8 hours.  We are not like most charters, we teach our clients 1 on 1 all the ins and outs of running, rods, gear, equipment and netting fish.  Green River Lake Crappie charters are some of the most enjoyable freshwater fishing experiences around.  Crappie fishing on the Green River Lake offer constant action and crappie are some of the best tasting freshwater fish around.  

We are happy to help you clean your catch for a small fee.